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Angel’s Mom – An innovative program for every mom’s @ SKPVMS

Angels Mom

“Yes,” every mom’s dream comes true here in our SKPVMS.

From today we have started a new and innovative program in our SKPVMS that is “Angel’s Mom”. Today we had a guest from LKG Master Sai Harith’s Mother, Mrs. Malini Arun Kumar as our first Angel’s Mom.

She came in the morning along with her son in the school van. She was welcomed by Principal Mam and Mrs. Parimila Mam with bouquet and card. After that she enjoyed and participated fully in all the activities done in LKG, then she visited the campus, met all the students, teachers, office staff, attenders, and Principal. At last Principal, mam facilitated her with the photo frame. Which was taken with Angel’s Mom, Principal, and staff in the assembly morning. Then she was sent in our school van itself.

Angel's Mom is P.SELVI, Mother of D.SOWMIYA of IV Std at SKPVMS on 22-11-2017.
Angel's Mom is R.SANTHI, Mother of M.YUVASREE of III Std at SKPVMS on 21-11-2017.
Angel's Mom is N.SANGEETHA, Mother of V.SUBHIKSHA of LKG Std at SKPVMS on 20-11-2017
Angel's Mom is U.UMA, Mother of S.KAUSHICK of LKG Std at SKPVMS on 17-11-2017.
Angel's Mom is S.VIJAYA, Mother of S.VISHVA of LKG Std at SKPVMS on 16-11-2017.
Angel's Mom is R.E.KAVYA, Mother of K.SIDDHESH of LKG Std at SKPVMS on 13-11-2017.
Angel's Mom is D.KALPANA, Mother of S.SACHIN of VII Std at SKPVMS on 09-11-2017.
Angel's Mom is M.MANJULA, Mother of S.M.YASHWANTH of LKG Std at SKPVMS on 08-11-2017.
Angel's Mom is N.KAVITHA, Mother of A.KAVIN VISHNU of IV Std at SKPVMS on 02-11-2017.
Angel's Mom is M.GAYATHRI, Mother of M.MUKESH SAHATHRAM of IV Std at SKPVMS on 01-11-2017.
Angel's Mom is M.YASMIN BANU, Mother of S.SHAYA of III Std at SKPVMS on 31-10-2017.
Angel's Mom is BANUPRIYA MURUGAN, Mother of M.SHREE of UKG & M.CHE of LKG at SKPVMS on 26-10-2017.