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Blue Color Day Celebration @ SKPVMS

olour speaks louder than words

It was a fun – filled the day for the kindergarten kids of SKPVMS as they celebrated ‘Blue Colour Day’ on Friday 15.09.2017.Blue colour, which is a symbol of life.  Blue represents both the sky and the sea.  Blue is the favourite colour of all people.  It is nature’s colour.  Blue is embraced as the colour of heaven Blue is the only colour which maintains its own character, in all its tones.Today the SKPVMS Kindergarten Kids and Staff were beautifully dressed up in the blue colour dress to celebrate the ‘Blue Day’.  The entrance area was decorated with Blue Colour Sarees, Balloons, Rain Drops, Mats, Chairs and Balls.  Kids recited the Blue Rhymes.  And kids wore the blue colour eye mask.  As the activity, kids were asked to identify all the blue colour shades.  They were very excited and cheerful to celebrate this special colour day.  As at the end of the day they came with a beautiful message in a flash card of water drop by saying “Save Water for me”.Kids distributed the card to our Chairman Sir, Principal Mam, all the staff of SKPVMS and the tiny tots took the flash card for their mother’s also.  With the message “Don’t Waste Water”, “Save Water for me”.