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Green Day Celebration

Green is the colour of nature.  Nature is the main source of life.  Green is the most respectful colour.  It symbolizes self-respect and well being it also creates learning, growth, and harmony.

Green day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the pre-primary wing on 26th July 2018.   Students and teachers came to school, dressed in pretty green attires such as aqua green, olive green, bottle green parrot green etc.

The children learned about the importance of green colour and the positive effects.  The green colour was explained in the activity room.  The room was filled with balloons attractive charts and drawings.  Vegetables such as capsicum, lady’s finger, chili, snake gourd, bottle gourd,  bitter gourd etc were drawn and displayed on the wall.

Water and land animals such as snake, snail, turtle, alligator, frog, caterpillar, grasshopper and fish are also seen by the students.

The shades of green filled with freshness energy, happiness, thrill, and ecstasy.  The highlight of this celebration was that the students were involved and recited the rhymes in the garden.

Students brought green vegetables, toys, clay, file, etc children were decorated with parrot crown on the head.

Finally, the green day was a practical learning experience for the children to know about the colour green.

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