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Pink Color Day

Colours in Nature are vibrant; colours play a vital role in our life.  Life is more beautiful when it is colourful.  We all have been blended and gelled together with these artistic colours.

PINK is very sweet, childish and optimistic colour, which everybody admires, colour pink has its own, significance which defines feminity, empathy, nurturing, compassion, tenderness.

SKPVMS celebrated “Pink Day” by introducing pink colour to our kids.  Children were asked to dress up in pink colour attire and got pink objects from their houses they enjoyed by singing Rhymes on pink colour, children were introduced to new words like a National flower, fruits, insects etc., which helps them to improve their vocabulary.  They were also told about “Pink City” of India – Jaipur, which is known for rich and varied heritage and culture.

The classroom was decorated innovatively with pink objects, quotes on pink and balloons etc.,

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