SKP Vanitha Matriculation SchoolSKP Vanitha Matriculation Higher Secondary School.
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Success Occurs when Opportunity Meets Preparation.

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. Aiming at improving the visual discrimination and communication skills Structured learning of english language for spelling champions To develop vivid imaginations, exciting plots and great scenarios[ Read more ]

Hula – Hoop Drill

Hula Hoop activities are super motivating for kids.Today Kindergarten kids of SKPVMS had Hula Hooping activity were toddlers actively involved in various exercises.[ Read more ]

Play, Explore and Learn

Holistic preparation of young one’s with experience and value in a crafted home like environment designed as per comfort of your child.[ Read more ]

Learning is Fun and Easy

Early literacy and math skills in the context of activities that sustain excitement, interest and meaningful motivation in children.[ Read more ]

Discussion on Choosing between CBSE vs Matric…

Choosing between CBSE vs Matric Board.. The discussion on Pros & Cons of each Educational Board at AKVS Hall, Arani...[ Read more ]

A Holistic School of Excellence

Curriculum reflecting enhanced progression & active competitions to bring out the best outcomes from the determined minds.[ Read more ]

Your Learning Curve Takes Shape Here

Continuous nurturing of pupils to bring out the excellence by identifying & supporting talents within students to create a value in future.[ Read more ]

Developing Confidence Recording Achievements

We quantify values to create opportunities of growth by building personality & confidence within every individual to lead a successful path[ Read more ]

Structured Environment for Forward Thinking

Creating sphere of boundless opportunities to invoke minds with exploring activities & to expand knowledge beyond the curriculum.[ Read more ]