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Field Trip

Field Trips are the ways to enhance classroom learning, getting connected with the real world entities.

The main objective of taking children to the field trip is to make toddlers be more happy, confident, cooperative, socially engage themselves and learn the life skills.

Kindergarten of SKPVMS made their field trip more memorable by visiting bio Diversity Park and came to know about different plants and their users.

The main motto of taking them to park is to imbibe peace, silence, regardless of dominant and being the happiest and getting connected to their minds.

Students met many foreigners and they got an opportunity to communicate with them, this has uplifted their level of confidence.

Later, children sat together wished and meditated to bring the peacefulness all over the world. So this has taught them to care for others and wish good for everyone.
So we, SKPVMS teachers believe that we have sowed this good thought in the minds of next generation.