SKP Vanitha Matriculation SchoolSKP Vanitha Matriculation Higher Secondary School.
WELCOME to SKP Vanitha MATRICULATION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance

About Us

We started our journey to impart sound education by creating spectrum of education system covering rural areas. We have created onboard learning strategy to achieve value driven goals establishing both academics and personal excellence. Our environment is specially designed with world class technology to inculcate practical knowledge amongst learners.

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    Vision & Mission Inspiring life-long learning in individuals

    Our motto is to energise young minds, to enthuse them to be curious, to excite them to be imaginative and to finally mould them to be good dynamic leaders of tomorrow.

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    Management Imparting disciplined knowledge of thinking

    Constructing knowledge within students through the integral curriculum meeting disciplined mode of learning.

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    Academics Cluster of core ideas for skillful outcomes

    Learning is anything which involves gathering of knowledge and developing a passion for learning to gain an academic integrity.

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    Campus Life

    Life at SKP campus ensures outstanding intellectual development